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Which Kids Are at Highest Risk From COVID? - 2021-09-21
"Antoon noted that one in five kids with COVID-19 seen in U.S. emergency departments are admitted to the hospital, and 21% of them require treatment in an intensive care unit, including mechanical ventilation." More

4 Out of 10 Adults With No Known Heart Disease Have Fatty Hearts: Study - 2021-09-21
"Many middle-aged adults with apparently healthy hearts have a "silent" buildup of fatty deposits in their arteries, a large, new study shows." More

Booster Dose of J&J COVID Vaccine Increases Immunity - 2021-09-21
"According to the results of a new clinical trial, two doses of the vaccine boosts immunity to 94% from the 74% offered by a single dose, the company said in a statement." More

Watch Their Backs -- Don't Overload Those Schoolbags - 2021-09-21
"After more than a year at home, children are heading back to classrooms across the country. But they're also toting heavy bags on their backs again." More

Post-Stroke Rehab: There's a Sweet Spot in the Timing - 2021-09-21
"After a stroke, the best time to work on regaining hand and arm use is 60 to 90 days later, according to a new clinical trial." More

Common Form of Liver Cancer on the Rise in Rural America - 2021-09-21
"Liver cancer is on the rise in rural America, but on a downswing in cities, new research shows." More

Neighborhood Gun Violence Means Worse Mental Health for Kids - 2021-09-21
"Living within a few blocks of a shooting increases the risk that a child will end up visiting the emergency department for mental health-related problems, researchers say." More

Dealing With Grief in the Time of COVID - 2021-09-21
"Some may be living through the loss of family, friends or colleagues who have died from the COVID-19 virus. Others have had losses that would be considered major life events, such as a job layoff. Many have lost recreation, social support and relationships." More

Pandemic Changed Families' Eating Habits, for Good and Bad: Poll - 2021-09-21
"Over the past year and a half, the coronavirus pandemic has remade so much of everyday life, including the foods families eat." More

COVID Has Killed More Americans Than the Spanish Flu Did in 1918 - 2021-09-21
"As the highly contagious Delta variant has swept across the United States, the country has reached a tragic milestone. COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic did, when roughly 675,000 people died." More

HPV Infection Tied to Higher Odds of Premature Delivery - 2021-09-20
"Pregnant women infected with certain strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) may have a heightened risk of preterm birth, a new study suggests." More

Telemedicine Gets High Marks for Follow-Ups After Surgery - 2021-09-20
"After routine surgery, a "virtual" follow-up visit might be just as good as a traditional office appointment, a new study suggests." More

Sleep Apnea Patients Struggle as Common CPAP Machine Is Recalled - 2021-09-20
"Millions of U.S. sleep apnea patients are scrambling to find ways to protect their nightly slumber, following a voluntary recall from one of the nation's leading manufacturers of CPAP breathing machines." More

New Drug Combo Boosts Survival Against Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer - 2021-09-20
"New research offers good news for women with an aggressive HER2-positive breast cancer." More

Depression During Menopause: How to Spot It and Treat It - 2021-09-20
"Emotional changes in the run-up to menopause can sometimes lead to depression." More

2467 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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