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Kids With Uncontrolled Asthma at Higher Odds for Severe COVID-19 - 2021-12-01
"Asthma is a tough disease for kids and their parents to manage well, but not keeping it under control may make these children up to six times more likely to wind up in the hospital with severe COVID-19, new research shows." More

Nearly 7% of U.S. Kids Have Had a Head Injury or Concussion - 2021-12-01
"Blows to the head are common among America's kids, with close to 7% showing signs of a brain injury at some time in childhood, U.S. health officials report." More

Reading With Your Toddler? Books May Beat Screens - 2021-12-01
"Toddlers are more likely to interact with their parents when they're sharing a paper children's book rather than a tablet, University of Michigan researchers found." More

For Men, Vaping May Be a Downer in the Bedroom - 2021-12-01
"Vaping can be tough on the lungs, but new research warns of another possible danger to men: It may more than double the risk for erectile dysfunction." More

WHO Approves First Long-Acting Device to Shield Women From HIV - 2021-12-01
"With HIV a continuing threat to women's health, the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the first long-acting device to protect women from sexually transmitted HIV." More

First U.S. Omicron Case Reported in California - 2021-12-01
"The first confirmed U.S. case of the Omicron variant has been reported in California, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday." More

Are Your Holiday Gifts on the 'Noisy Toy List'? - 2021-12-01
"A screeching rubber chicken tops this year's list of noisy toys that pose a threat to children's hearing." More

CDC to Toughen COVID Testing for International Travelers - 2021-12-01
"The U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that international travelers to the United States will soon have to provide a negative result from a coronavirus test taken within 24 hours of departure." More

Certain Blood Thinners Can Raise Risk of 'Delayed' Bleeding After Head Injury - 2021-11-30
"Older blood thinners, especially when taken in combination with daily low-dose aspirin, are associated with a higher risk of brain bleeds and death after hospital discharge in patients treated for head injury, new research shows." More

Old Spice, Secret Antiperspirants Recalled Due to Benzene - 2021-11-30
"Several Old Spice and Secret aerosol spray antiperspirants and hygiene products have been voluntarily recalled in the United States due to the presence of the cancer-causing chemical benzene, Proctor & Gamble says." More

HPV Vaccine Is Reducing Cervical Cancers in Teens, Young Women - 2021-11-30
"The first wave of girls to receive the HPV vaccine are much less likely to contract or die from cervical cancer than women just a few years older, a new study reports." More

FDA Panel Gives Support to Merck's COVID Antiviral Pill - 2021-11-30
"A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel is meeting Tuesday to weigh both the safety and power of Merck's new antiviral pill in preventing severe COVID-19." More

Long-Haul COVID Can Include Chronic Fatigue: Study - 2021-11-30
"The often debilitating condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome appears to be common among COVID-19 long-haulers." More

Vaccines, Boosters Should Protect Against Severe COVID, Even With Omicron: Fauci - 2021-11-30
"Americans who are vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 should have enough antibody protection to prevent severe illness if they become infected with the new Omicron variant, White House COVID response officials said Tuesday." More

Postpartum Depression Can Do Long-Term Harm to Women's Finances - 2021-11-30
"Besides its terrible impact on mental health, postpartum depression can also bring long-term financial struggles to affected women, new research shows." More

2555 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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