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Sickle Cell Plagues Many Black Americans, But There's Hope for Better Treatments - 2021-06-18
"As the pandemic subsides, sickle cell disease experts are now trying to spread the word about these handful of treatments that could improve and potentially extend the lives of patients." More

Many 'High-Risk' Americans Unconcerned About Skin Cancer: Poll - 2021-06-18
"A new poll shows that only about 30% of American adults say they're concerned about developing skin cancer -- even though nearly 70% have at least one risk factor for the disease." More

Survivors' Plasma Helps Blood Cancer Patients Battle COVID-19 - 2021-06-18
"Giving COVID-19 survivors' blood plasma to blood cancer patients hospitalized with COVID-19 significantly improves their chances of survival, a new study finds." More

Dads of 'Preemie' Babies Can Be Hit by Depression - 2021-06-18
"Postpartum depression strikes fathers of premature babies more often than previously thought, and it can linger longer in fathers than in mothers, a new study finds." More

Hospitals: One Reason COVID Is More Lethal for Black Americans - 2021-06-18
""Our study reveals that Black patients have worse outcomes largely because they tend to go to worse-performing hospitals," said study co-author Dr. David Asch." More

Could Fish Oil Supplements Help Fight Depression? - 2021-06-18
"Fish oil supplements are often touted as good for your heart health, but a new study finds they may also help fight depression." More

'MIND' Diet Can Help Preserve Brain in People With MS - 2021-06-18
"A diet designed to boost brain health appears to benefit people with multiple sclerosis (MS), new research suggests." More

Many 'High Priority' Patients Aren't Getting Put on Kidney Transplant Lists - 2021-06-18
"Many Americans who stand to benefit most from a kidney transplant may be missing a key window of opportunity, a new study finds." More

U.S. to Spend $3.2 Billion to Help Develop Antiviral Pills for COVID - 2021-06-18
"After spending billions to speed the creation of COVID-19 vaccines, the United States said Thursday that it will now devote $3.2 billion to the development of antiviral pills that could stop the new coronavirus before it does its worst damage." More

Red Cross Warns of Severe Blood Shortage - 2021-06-17
"There's a severe blood shortage in the United States due to a recent surge in trauma cases, organ transplants and elective surgeries, the American Red Cross says." More

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Challenge to Affordable Care Act - 2021-06-17
"The landmark Affordable Care Act, which has expanded health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans, has withstood a third challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court." More

Hand Sanitizer Vapors Can Cause Nausea, Dizziness - 2021-06-17
"Vapors from the products can cause headache, nausea and dizziness, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which advises consumers to use the products in well-ventilated areas." More

Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Do No Harm to Male Fertility: Study - 2021-06-17
"The Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines pose no threat to male fertility, a finding experts hope will prompt more men to get vaccinated." More

How Secure Is Your Health or Fitness App? - 2021-06-17
"Your health and fitness apps may have privacy issues that put your personal information at risk, researchers warn." More

Fast-Food Companies Spending More on Ads Aimed at Youth - 2021-06-17
"The U.S. fast-food industry has boosted spending on ads targeting kids, especially Black and Hispanic youth, new research shows." More

2493 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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