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AHA News: 5 Things to Know This Earth Day About How the Environment Affects Health - 2021-04-14
"Earth Day on April 22 puts a spotlight on the planet's health -- which, doctors say, is closely tied to your own." More

America's STD Rate at Record High Again: CDC - 2021-04-14
"Statistics for 2019 -- the latest data available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- show that STD rates in the United States hit a new high again for the sixth straight year." More

One Good Way to Help Beat COVID: Exercise - 2021-04-14
"Being physically active reduced COVID-19 patients' risk of hospitalization, intensive care unit (ICU) admission and death, and even being just somewhat active provided some protection." More

Diabetes Can Lead to Amputations, But Stem Cell Treatment Offers Hope - 2021-04-14
"One of the most dangerous complications of diabetes is a foot ulcer that won't heal, but now a preliminary study finds that a type of stem cell found in body fat may be a powerful remedy for these severe foot wounds." More

Nurses Are Dying From Suicide at Higher Rates - 2021-04-14
"More than 159,000 suicides occurred during the study time frame -- 2007 to 2018. Of those, nearly 2,400 involved nurses, roughly 8 in 10 of whom were women. " More

Research Shows Links Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer's - 2021-04-14
"The mouth is home to both harmful bacteria that promote inflammation and healthy, protective bacteria, the study authors explained." More

Teen Tanning Bed Ban Would Prevent Thousands of U.S. Melanoma Cases - 2021-04-14
"A U.S.-wide ban on teen use of tanning beds would prevent thousands of cases of skin cancer and save millions in health care costs, researchers say." More

No Rise in Global Suicide Rate in First Months of Pandemic - 2021-04-14
"Suicides did not rise in wealthier nations early in the COVID pandemic, but continued monitoring of long-term mental health and economic effects is needed, a new study says." More

Cloth Masks Do Make Workouts a Bit Tougher, Study Finds - 2021-04-14
"A cloth mask can limit your ability to exercise, so it might be a good idea to alter your workouts when wearing one, researchers say." More

Many Kids Who Develop Severe COVID-Linked Syndrome Have Neurologic Symptoms - 2021-04-14
"In very rare cases, children infected with the new coronavirus can develop a severe illness known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C). " More

4 in 10 Adults Over 50 Consult Online Reviews When Picking a Doctor - 2021-04-14
"Finding a new doctor can be a daunting task. For help, many older adults turn to online reviews, a new study finds." More

Biden, Fauci Say Pause in J&J COVID Vaccine Is Sign That Safety Comes First - 2021-04-14
"The Biden Administration sought to reassure Americans on Tuesday that the pausing of Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine is science at work, and not evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe." More

AHA News: Straight Answers to Common Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines - 2021-04-13
"If you've got questions about COVID-19 vaccines, you're not the only one. Even as many people rush to get their shots, surveys show others just aren't sure about them." More

CBD or THC? Cannabis Product Labels Often Mislead, Study Finds - 2021-04-13
"Patients, beware: You might not be able to trust the label on that medical marijuana product you just brought home." More

J&J Vaccine 'Pause' Is Not Mandate Against the Shot, FDA Says - 2021-04-13
"The "pause" is largely intended to provide time to get the word out to clinicians about how to appropriately treat these vaccine-related blood clots, Marks said." More

2471 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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